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Chocolate & Sugar

We work directly with local Vietnamese cacao farmers sourcing 100% regional ingredients.


Marou is pure and fresh, so you experience chocolate like you never have before.

Dark Variety

• Tien Giang Bio 70% • Dong Nai 72% • Lam Dong 74% • Ba Ria 76% • Ben Tre 78%

Our Mission

Marou Chocolate USA is dedicated to delivering the highest quality chocolate experience.

TIEN GIANG “Best Dark Chocolate Bean-to-Bar”

MAROU Faiseurs de Chocolat Tien Giang 70% “Wins SILVER in the 2013...

24th May
Marou Chocolate Tien Giang 70% Wins Silver

Marou Mini 24g Bars Are Here!

Marou Mini 4 Pack 4x 24 gram bars 1 Ben Tre 78%,...

20th Oct
Marou Chocolate 24g (mini) 4 pack

The $15 MAROU Adventure T-Shirt

  The MAROU Adventure T-Shirt is in back stock and ready to...

13th Jun
Marou Chocolate T-Shirt

8 pack: Intro to Marou

Marou 8 pack 8x 3.5 ounce (100 gram) bars 2 Ben Tre...

30th May
Marou Chocolate 24g (mini) 8 bar pack

BEN TRE “Best Dark Chocolate Bean-to-Bar”

MAROU Faiseurs de Chocolat Ben Tre 78% “Wins BRONZE in the 2013...

25th May
Marou Chocolate Ben Tre 78% Wins Bronze