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Chocolate & Sugar

We work directly with local Vietnamese cacao farmers sourcing 100% regional ingredients.


Marou is pure and fresh, so you experience chocolate like you never have before.

Dark Variety

• Tien Giang Bio 70% • Dong Nai 72% • Lam Dong 74% • Ba Ria 76% • Ben Tre 78%

Our Mission

Marou Chocolate USA is dedicated to delivering the highest quality chocolate experience.

TIEN GIANG “Best Dark Chocolate Bean-to-Bar”

MAROU Faiseurs de Chocolat Tien Giang 70% “Wins SILVER in the 2013...

24th May
Marou Chocolate Tien Giang 70% Wins Silver

Marou – Faiseurs de Chocolat – “Quelquepart au Vietnam” – Somewhere in Vietnam

Marou – Faiseurs de Chocolat – “Quelquepart au Vietnam” – Anglais sous-titres...

29th Sep
Somewhere in Vietnam

Tasting Chocolate of the World with Marou

Dark Chocolate Imports and Marou Chocolate welcome Brady Berlinski from Flavors of...

05th May

Marou Mini 24g Bars Are Here!

Marou Mini 4 Pack 4x 24 gram bars 1 Ben Tre 78%,...

20th Oct
Marou Chocolate 24g (mini) 4 pack

The $15 MAROU Adventure T-Shirt

  The MAROU Adventure T-Shirt is in back stock and ready to...

13th Jun
Marou Chocolate T-Shirt

8 pack: Intro to Marou

Marou 8 pack 8x 3.5 ounce (100 gram) bars 2 Ben Tre...

30th May
Marou Chocolate 24g (mini) 8 bar pack

BEN TRE “Best Dark Chocolate Bean-to-Bar”

MAROU Faiseurs de Chocolat Ben Tre 78% “Wins BRONZE in the 2013...

25th May
Marou Chocolate Ben Tre 78% Wins Bronze