Marou¬†Faiseurs de Chocolat is “bean to bar” single-origin Vietnamese chocolate. Crafted in Saigon using purely Vietnamese ingredients of the highest quality (cacao and cane sugar) in the French artisan method.

Tien Giang Bio 70% A full bodied chocolate with spicy, fruity notes, made from cocoa organically grown by farmers of the Cho Gao Co-op in the Mekong Delta.

Dong Nai 72%
A finely balanced dark chocolate with hints of spice from farms in the upper Dong Nai Province.

Lam Dong 74%
A rare and delicate chocolate made in micro-batches from cacao beans cultivated in hilly woodland at the edge of the Vietnamese Central Highlands between Madagui and Bao Loc.

Ba Ria 76%
A bold and fruity chocolate made from Trinitario cacao sourced directly from family-owned farms in Ba Ria Province.

Ben Tre 78%
An intense yet balanced chocolate from Ben Tre Province in the Mekong Delta, where cacao trees are planted among the coconut groves.



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